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130° anniversary

130 years of patience, care, and passion for a unique product.

A celebratory limited-edition: a bottle of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Extra-old for each year of activity of Aceto Balsamico del Duca.

One hundred and thirty bottles of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Extra-old, one for each year of activity of the Grosoli family in the field of gastronomic excellence.

130 years ago, a small family shop was opened. There, people of the village could find fresh and genuine products, strictly artisanal.
Today, 130 years later, the family atmosphere permeates every drop of the Balsamic that comes out of the precious barrels.

“What this limited-edition bottle contains – explains Mariangela Grosoli, fourth generation of the company – is not only the black gold with an intense and harmonious flavour: it is the story of the founder Adriano, the passion of his son Mario, the foresight of grandson Adriano, my father, as well as my tenacity and the dedication of my daughter Lucia. It is the story of five generations, which have brought ‘del Duca’ Balsamic Vinegar to tables all over the world and have honoured what the land of Modena gives them every day”.

Each box, which contains, in addition to the Balsamic taken from the oldest barrel of the vinegar factory, already active in 1891, a precious blown glass pourer cap and a ceramic tasting spoon, is accompanied by a numbered parchment, signed by the 92-year-old Adriano Grosoli.
A real collector’s item, which is also a reminder to never forget the values ​​that black gold teaches us: patience, care, and passion.

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