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Participation in trade fair events 2023

The project consists of the company’s participation in trade fair events in EU and non-EU countries.

The fair Sirha, to be held in Lyon – France, unlike the better-known SIAL, allows the company to present the products and the company to trade operators more in line with the company’s range, not strictly based on first prices and quantity but more on gourmet products. It is an opportunity to meet retail operators and restaurateurs, to understand the market dynamics and the needs of end operators rather than large distributors.

The fair in Thailand (Thaifex) was chosen with the aim of entering the Thai market, so far unexplored but with good expectations.

Summer Fancy Food, on the other hand, represents an opportunity to meet with U.S. importers and more significantly extend the market presence.

Objectives of the project are: expansion of market share in foreign countries and domestically, greater visibility of the brand at the Italian level, European and international levels, opening to emerging and evolving markets.

Expected results are: increased customer network, increased sales, increased foreign sales, possibility of access to operators such as retail and restaurants and maintaining those concerning large-scale distribution

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