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Our Territory

Where ancient traditions intersect with modernity.

Balsamic vinegar is the fruit of our generous lands and the wise tradition of our ancestors.

The fertile area of the ancient Duchy of Este proved to be the ideal cradle for the birth and maturation of this precious nectar, in which each drop evokes the grapes of the typical vines, with their intense colour and unique aromas, the hills on which the vines grow vigorously, the sultry and humid summers, as well as the harsh winters, which wrap them in a blanket of fog or snow.

The vineyards dedicated to the Balsamic are the ones that are typical of this land, mainly Lambrusco, Trebbiano, Sangiovese, Fortana, Ancellotta, Montuni and Albana, together with the rarer Spergola and Berzemino.

Here, the grapes grow luxuriant and sweet to the right point, with perfect acidity and unique features.

So, the ancient “knowledge” will transform the grape juice, obtained by gentle pressing, into fragrant must, which will be cooked with care, to become the precious ingredient for the balsamic.

Maturing during the hot summers, with lively fermentation, the product will be enriched with aromas of different woods, while during the cold winters it will rest in barrels, acquiring clearness.

Modena is also a land of other excellences such as Parmigiano Reggiano PDO, Lambrusco, Prosciutto di Modena PDO, accompanied by the beautiful singing of the tenor Pavarotti and unique artistic sites. Historical and medieval villages are the corolla of a city which hosts a UNESCO site that amazes tourists.

Here, ancient traditions intersect with modernity, creating unique and inimitable products and projects.


Love our land and its fruits, get others involved in your achievements and share with them
the generous nectar that the vineyards donate to us.

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